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Frederic-Jean ARU - Author-Artist Photographer

Hello and Welcome!

I am an Independent Author-Artist Photographer installed at Vannes/Brittany since the beginning of 2019.

I practice my art both outdoors and indoors, in any place and under any condition throughout Historic Brittany, in France and abroad.

My passions for nature, natural and architectural heritage, History, culture, new discoveries led me to semi-professional photography from the years 2006.

Between 2007 and 2009, I had the opportunity to try and perfect myself to concert/show photography in complex light conditions.

Since 2011, a lot of photographic research has been carried out in order to transcribe as faithfully as possible the inseparable combination of the visible and the invisible, the emotions felt and the wonder felt with the natural beauty, until the culmination and professionalisation in 2018 of my photographic work and of the living, warm and deep rendering, rich in colours combining the atmospheres and the ambient atmosphere that I sought to obtain.

Ideal rendering for valuing and promoting your activities, achievements, products, services, communications, publications, editions, websites, illustrations and exhibitions.

All projects are treated at each stage with the same rigour, professionalism, attention and meticulous quality control that I bring to my own creations and artistic projects.

The most exceptional personal photographs are offered at the Sale also to individuals as limited series numbered and signed art photograph, in different formats, in different finishes and provided with a certificate of authenticity.

You can follow my news on my company page of the professional social network Linkedin and find my portfolios also on my Youtube channel.

I remain at your disposal for any request, for any information, for a quotation, for an appointment and for any other request, you will find all informations to contact me in the Contact page.

See you very soon, in order to carry out with the greatest pleasure all your photographic projects.

Frederic-Jean ARU


Artistic approach

My artistic approach is characterized by the impregnation and observation of places and subjects to be photographed in search of an exceptional visual and non-visual combination, released atmospheres and the most intense emotions felt from shooting to post-production in order to transcribe them most faithfully.

Epxositions individuelles

Personal exhibitions planned during 2022/2023 on the theme of the Gulf of Morbihan and the aesthetics of the Breton nature.

Epxositions collectives

Coming soon.

Bourses, Subventions, Prix, Disinctions

2021 : Grant for the TRAVERSÉES programme, joint CIPAC, FRAAP and DIAGONAL in consultation with the trade unions representing visual artists.

Participation to professional and artistic photography competitions: Coming soon.

œuvre d'art public

Coming soon.


Participation in Photography Festivals: coming soon.

Voyages de recherche

Trips are regularly made throughout Historic Brittany in search of exceptional hidden treasures to supply customers with new original content; for creation, for exploration, for researches and artistic tests.


"Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs" Mucical Group: Artistic photographs taken during one of their concert in 2019.


Coming soon.


Participation in future workshops, conferences, courses to deepen the History of Art and photography in studio for future personal artistic projects.

Art portfolio (Duration: 42 seconds)