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Terms & Conditions of use

Terms & Conditions of use the 7th April 2020




This present document replace and cancel all previous conditions of use which has the purpose to define modalities and conditions in which on one hand, Frederic-Jean ARU, below called the PUBLISHER, gives website access to his users, and services available on the website and on the other hand, the way by which the USER reaches the website and uses these services.


Any connection to the website is subordinated to the respect for present conditions.


For the USER, the simple access to the PUBLISHER's website to en.frederic-aru.bzh URL address involves the acceptance of any conditions described below.




1.      Intellectual property

The general structure of en.frederic-aru.bzh website, as well as the design, stockshots personalisation, graphic personalisations, pictures, photographs and slideshows, texts composing it, are the exclusive property of the PUBLISHER.


Any representation and/or reproduction and/or partial or total exploitation of the contents and proposed services by the website, by any processes, without the prior authorisation and in writing of the PUBLISHER is strictly forbidden and would constitute a forgery in the sense of the L335-2 French intellectual property Code and of the French intellectual property Code articles.


No reproduction, even partial planned in L122-5 French intellectual property Code article, can be made from this website without the authorisation of the PUBLISHER.



2.      Hypertext links

The website contain hypertext links towards Internet network other sites. The links towards these other resources open a new window or a new tab which depending of how user browser has been set-uped.


All of hypertext links were, either submitted to an written authorisation request before publishing, or are free of use. All links having received a refusal of publication, as well as any authorisation requests stayed without any answers, were not published.


The PUBLISHER forbids to create a link towards his website entry page or each other pages of the website without his express authorisation.


The PUBLISHER forbids the partial or total insertion, by programming or by any other means, entry page or each other pages of the website inside a page of a third website by any functions, code tags or any other means of insertion.


All publication of hypertext links towards the PUBLISHER's website will beforehand have to be the object of an written authorisation request by email or by filling the form in the Contact page.


Authorisations or preliminary information requests cannot be required from the PUBLISHER towards a website which wishes to establish a link towards the PUBLISHER's website. It is however advisable only to link to this website in a new browser window or tab, only after obtained the writing authorisation from the PUBLISHER.


The PUBLISHER reserves the right to ask for the deletion of a link published without its authorisation and/or considers that is not in accordance with the object of the site and/or against the ethics and/or in violation of the actual French legislation.



3.      Publisher responsibility

Informations and/or the documents appearing on this site and/or accessible by this website come from sources considered as being reliable.


However, these informations and/or documents may contain technical inaccuracies and typographical errors.


The PUBLISHER reserves the right to correct them, as soon as these errors are brought to his knowledge.


It is strongly recommended to verify the accuracy and the relevance of informations and/or documents given on this website.


Informations and/or documents available on this website may be modified at any time, and can have been the object of update or correction.


In particular, they can have been the object of an update between the moment of their download and the witch the USER acquaints them.


The use of informations and/or documents available on this site is made under the total and unique responsibility of the USER, which assumes all of the consequences which can ensue from it, without the responsibility of the PUBLISHER can be looked for as such, and without recourse against the latter.


The PUBLISHER can be held responsible on no account for any damage of whatever nature resulting from the interpretation, of the use of informations and/or documents available on this site.



4.      Website access

The PUBLISHER tries to allow the access to the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, excepted in case of force majeure or of an outside event out of the control of the PUBLISHER, and subject to possible breakdowns and necessary maintenance interventions for the smooth running of the site and the services.


Consequently, the PUBLISHER cannot guarantee an availability of the site and/or of services, transmission and performance reliabilities in term of time of reply or of quality.


No technical support face to face of the USER is planned whether by electronic or phone means.


The responsibility of the PUBLISHER could not be hired in case of impossibility of access to this site and/or usage of the services.


Besides, the PUBLISHER can be leaded to interrupt the site or a part of the services, at any time without any notification, the whole without any compensation rights.


The USER recognises and accepts that the PUBLISHER is not responsible for the interruptions, and for the consequences which can ensue for the USER or quite third.



5.      Modification of the terms & conditions of use

The PUBLISHER saves himself the possibility of modifying, at any time and without notifications, the present legal informations, to adapt them to site upgrades and/or its exploitation.



6.      Rules of internet use

The USER declares to accept Internet characteristics and limits, and recognises in particular that:


  • The PUBLISHER assumes neither responsibility on Internet service accesses and have no control, whatever shape it is on types and the characteristics of data which could transit through its hosting server.


  • The USER recognises that data circulating on the Internet are not Protected in particular against the possible misappropriations.


  • The presence of the logo « Frederic ARU - Author-artist Photographer » establishes a simple validity assumption.


  • The communication of any information judged sensitive or confidential by the USER is made at his own risk.


  • The USER recognises that the data circulating on the Internet can be regulated in terms of use or being Protected by property rights.


  • The USER is solely responsible for the use of data which he consults, requests and transfers on the Internet.


  • The USER recognises that the PUBLISHER has no means of control on the contents of accessible services on the Internet.



7.      Applicable law

As long as the present website modalities and conditions of its use are governed by the French law, whatever the location of use.


In case of possible contesting and after the failure of any attempt of research for an amicable solution, French courts will be only competent to know of this dispute.


For any question relative to the website present conditions of use, you can send an email or filling the form in the Contact page.